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Data Phone Network - Solutions & Applications

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DAMERY, active in the area of Docsis systems since 25 years, developped a set of innovative products which are the lego to build tripleplay solutions and specific data transmission and processing applications.

You will find in this blog the presentation of these solutions and applications bundled under the name
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VoIP Systems

VOIPPosted by DAMERY 2015-03-24 10:25:03

Make & receive telephone calls over the Internet using "Voice over Internet" Protocol

VoIP (Voice over IP) enables you to make cheap telephone calls over a broadband cable Internet connection, or DSL, or T1.

You can connect to regular telephone numbers locally or anywhere else in the world, by using a VoIP service from an "Interconnected VoIP Provider",

In addition, you will usually have low international phone call rates to other countries. The savings can be substantial, with lower fees and taxes levied by traditional telephone carriers. Plus, most VoIP providers offer services with "unlimited" calling plans and an array of features all for one monthly fee.

A requirement for a VoIP connection is a high speed internet connection, without packet loss and jitter.

How does VoIP work?

1. Analog to digital conversion:

Voice is converted by an “IP phone” or an “EMTA” or an “ATA” (Analog Telephone Adapter) from an analog signal to a digital signal.

2. Digital data transmission :

It is then sent over the Internet in data packets to a location that will be close to the destination using Docsis CMTS and Soft- Switch.

3. Digital to Analog conversion :

Then it will be converted back to an analog signal for the remaining distance over a traditional circuit switch (PSTN) (unless it is VoIP to VoIP). Your call can be received by traditional telephones worldwide, as well as other VoIP users.

VoIP to VoIP calls can travel entirely over the Internet. Since your voice is changed to digital (so that it can travel over the Internet), other great features such as voice messages to email, call forwarding, logs of incoming and outgoing calls, caller ID, etc., can be included in your basic calling plan all for one low price. Many of these special features are great for the small business person who relies on their phone service to be more an information center rather than just a telephone.

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