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True Bandwidth usage

Provisioning & MonitoringPosted by DAMERY 2015-01-29 15:12:44
Damery “true-bandwidth usage analyzer" is making possible the tiered pricing
which is a winning model for consumers

"True, Simple, Fair" : Three words summarizing

The bandwidth usage analyzer from DAMERY allows you the possibility to monitor true subscriber bandwidth usage, establish the right and neutral bandwidth management policies that will reduce costs while providing opportunities for increased revenue.
The analyzer uses IPDR (Internet Protocol Detail Records). The bandwidth usage measurement is accurate; what you see is what is really used by subscriber.


Currently the service providers offer packages based on speed.

The cheapest package attracts many consumers with a speed that meets their needs. But these customers on low price levels may also be some of the highest bandwidth users, and like most others, they use these resources during peak hours.

It is possible to implement monthly data limitations, but that doesn’t avoid that your network becomes overloaded every day in the early part of the month.

This can be avoided by increasing the network bandwidth.

However , if the subscriber bandwidth usage is not analyzed and smoothed in the time, and if the higher bandwidth users do not pay in function of the bandwidth usage, the provider has to take in charge the totality of the cost for network improvement investment.

This will lead to big financial losses in a long term approach.

The “DAMERY Subscriber Bandwidth usage analyzer» gives you the ability to accurately measure subscriber bandwidth usage by service flow and establish for each subscriber a daily and a monthly bandwidth usage profile.

Knowledge of the usage profile by subscriber will allow you not only to apply right bandwidth management policies to your subscribers, but this will also allow to adapt your network capability face to bandwidth demand.

Knowing the daily usage profile of your subscriber, you will be able to limit the bandwidth usage during the peak hours by a right pricing policy and extend the life time of your network.

You can now delay to later your investment to increase the network bandwidth capacity.

Subscriber True-bandwidth usage analyzer Summary

Ø IPDR based data collect :

Ø What is measured is really what is used

Ø Daily monthly subscriber bandwidth usage profile

Ø Possibility to fix bandwidth usage limit to each subscriber and take required actions when there is an overflow.

Ø Right bandwidth management policies based on the real usage profile


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