Data Phone Network - Solutions & Applications

Data Phone Network - Solutions & Applications

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DAMERY, active in the area of Docsis systems since 25 years, developped a set of innovative products which are the lego to build tripleplay solutions and specific data transmission and processing applications.

You will find in this blog the presentation of these solutions and applications bundled under the name
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Triple Play Solutions

Triple PlayPosted by DAMERY 2015-01-29 13:16:55

Damery Triple Play Architecture

Internet / VOIP / IPTV

Damery IP communication platform based on DOCSIS is able to meet the bandwidth demand required by the triple play applications.

Complete internet / VoIP/ IPTV solution based on standard Docsis.

The DAMERY Docsis system offers up to 800 Mbits bandwidth to the services :

Ø Live TV

Ø Video On Demand (VoD)

Ø Interactive TV (iTV).

Ø IP telephony

Ø Internet

Meet us to discuss with us your specific demands and how you can improve data transmission via your network. We are looking forward to meeting you.smiley

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